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Ready for 10,000 cat friends? It's time you join a cat community that fits your puuuuuurrrr-sonality. The Real Cats crew have made some of the funniest, dopest, cutest most eye poppin art that will make everyone drool over your latest profile pic. Time to mint yourself some Real Cats and find a cat that you can call your own, welcome to the cat club. Join the cat community on Twitter and Discord right meow!

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Presenting the RealCats

Development Team

Richy Rich


Expert in art, marketing and media creation in the meowtaverse.

Mr. Entrepreneur

Project Manager

Master at business and new technology. Crypto investor from the beginning, now in NFT's.

Blue Chimps


Always making deals and on the Twitter spaces making puuurrrfect NFT communities.

Plans for the future

CATS ASSEMBLE! Twitter, Discord, Website ready. Rarity content made. Community building. Work on setting a launch date. Get you and your cat in the discord, at 5,000 members we give away 5 cats!
Real Cat holders will be rewarded with a giveaway for 5 cats to 5 random holders. Get your cat and watch the show! Tell all your cat friends! MEOW!
10% of the second-market royalties will be dedicated to a special fund to ensure the Real Cat’s longevity through marketing campaigns and floor sweeps. PUUURRRFECT!!!!!
CAT WEAR! Launch of the Real Cat’s merch collection, with the option of having your Real Cat NFT printed on the merch. Giving away 10 more cats to holders! HOW MEOWT THAT!!
10 Real Cat holders will be picked to commission art piece of their cat for a NFT in the collection! 20 more cats and 5 Legendary cats will be raffled off to holders! IT’S MEOWT TO GO OFF!!
100 CATS IN A HOUSE! Time to help out some local cats! Real Cats starts mobile app and breeding functionality for holders. TIME TO GET OUT THE CATNIP!!

Gallery of Unique Real cats

10 lucky winners will win thier cat to be made and added to the collection!

Make your cat a Real Cat!


How were the real cats generated?

The creator artist Richy Rich has created all the cats in vector along with the items and backgrounds. Each one made for a fun and an eye catching look! Some of the legendary cats will be the most unique and memorable pieces of art you will find.

What determines which Real Cat I get when minting?

Each cat cage has a Real Cat in it the moment you send a transaction. We hand picked these cats from the local shelter, dressed them up in their favorite outfits and sent them right to you for a good home!

What does it mean to be a real cat holder?

We are dedicated to helping cats find forever homes, getting homeless cats off the street while being apart of a real awesome community for cat owners and lovers alike!

will there be real cats merch?

Yep! Once we reach 50% of our NFT's sold then we will set up an online store to purchase some puuuurrrrfect clothes to rep your cats!

How do I use Metamask?

Puuuurrrrfect question, you can learn all bout that here and find out straight from the source.

Anything else I should know?

Meow, you need some ETH. You can buy it on Coinbase or even directly from the Metamask Wallet.

What is an NFT?

It stands for non-fungible token which is a digital file that you own on the blockchain. Think digital Pokémon & sports cards.


Coming soon.